Since my first blog post I have asked myself, “Why blog? What could I possibly gain from it?” Especially since it didn’t go over so well. But no matter how many answers and excuses I have came up with I still go back to the piece of advice that sparked it all, writers must blog.

Blog? Me? HA! ” was pretty much what ran through my mind when I read that piece of advice. Why would anyone want to read what I have to say when I have yet to complete a novel or screenplay? I figured I would be laughed off as a joke, a wanna be. At one point I decided that I would blog once I finally finished a project or maybe even two. But ever since I read the advice about blogging notion of starting my own blog had nagged at me ceaselessly until I begrudgingly posted my first article. Oh, the sweet relief, how soon you were over.

My first post is all about me but with little of who I am now found within it. I’m newly 28, happily in love, and hopelessly trying to bring my dreams alive through words. My life is often my muse. I’m not a literary prodigy but I am talented, too talented and inspired to let my gift go unnoticed. That’s what the first post should have said. Arrogant? Nah, just confident with what I have created.

So, if you’ve managed to make it this far, thank you. Hopefully you will continue reading my future posts because I have decided that since I am not an established writer, yet, I will write this blog as a journal. It will contain the stories, opinions, advice, and failures of a young writer trying to succeed in a very harsh business. Later I will introduce you to my many projects that I hope excite you as much as they do me.

My prayer for today is to have an open heart and mind.


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