Grace Under Pressure: Adrian Grajeda’s Save

This is an amazing story that is part of a series of posts about everyday heroes. So many of these amazing stories go unheard so I am very greatful to have found it while scrolling through Professor Turley’s blog. It is written by a weekend contributor of his blog, Mark Esposito. If you’re interested in legal matters or politics you should follow Professor Jonathan Turley’s blog. It’s very thought provoking, educational, and occasionally cute with pictures of dogs.


By Mark Esposito, Weekend Contributor

Author’s Note: Grace Under Pressure is an ongoing series of posts honoring everyday people who courageously make positive differences in their own lives and consequently in the lives of others. It is my own personal affirmation that unexpected heroes live among us and that their service is quiet but unshakable proof that virtue really is its own reward  – and ours, too.

0410-Amputee-jpgTen-year-old Adrian Grajeda wants to become a professional soccer player someday. And he wants to do it for love of the game — not to be a hero.  Adrian can’t become a hero because he already is one. Six months ago the diminutive midfielder lost part of his leg when an inattentive driver crashed through a playground chain link fence and headed straight for one of Adrian’s schoolmates on the recess field. Without thinking, Adrian threw himself into a young girl standing directly in harm’s way and pushed her…

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One thought on “Grace Under Pressure: Adrian Grajeda’s Save

  1. mespo727272 says:

    Thanks beebrock86 for the plug. You can search other stories in the “Grace Under Pressure Series” at our blog by just typing “Grace” in the search box. They are wonderful depictions of courageous people who get very little recognition except perhaps in the local news media. I try to bring them to light on our national blog. A lot of them are courageous teens but we have some pretty remarkable adults, too. Again, Thanks.
    ~Mark Esposito

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